The modern way of taking-in information is strongly influenced by pictures and image-based representations. The information contained in longer passages of text can be very difficult to transfer and disseminate, particularly in business/promotional environments, without the support of graphical elements. Infographics, even more so, offer an elegant and attention-grabbing way in which to provoke a captivating, entertaining and yet content-based interaction and analysis of a subject-matter. This unique combination of factors means that it is the ideal product for double-page spreads, posters and social media.

Illustrative Infographics

illustrative Infographic Tram
illustrative Infographic Berlin U-Bahn

Infographics with 3D-Graphic

illustrative Infographic electro bus
illustrative Infographic Berlin BVG

Infographic Flow-Charts

Infographic - Flow Chart for Reclay Group

Infographics and diagrams

People have been dying of the Ebola virus in West Africa for over 160 days now – and the pace of infection is accelerating: The Ebola virus has in the meantime spread to Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria so quickly that more people will contract and die from the virus in the next 6 months than in the 38 years since its discovery.

Infographic Ebola Virus Monitor